Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Charlie is an experienced business founder and passionate leader with a history of working in the marketing, travel, hospitality, and real estate investment industries. He is the founding partner of Akras Capital, a company that provides investment opportunities for those seeking passive income. He is currently scaling a real estate investment business focused on multifamily assets in inland growth markets across the US. Charlie is actively involved in the communities he resides, and serves as the local chapter leader for GoBundance, a Nationwide men’s and women’s group that supports “healthy, wealthy men and women leading balanced and epic lives.” In today’s episode, Charlie will be going into details about his journey in real-estate. He will share some challenges on investor relations and their strategies in business and marketing.

Charlie Stevenson Real Estate Background:

  • Founding Partner of Akras Capital
  • 3 years of multifamily investing
  • Portfolio consists of 4 properties totaling 450 units
  • Based in Boulder, CO
  • Say hi to him at:

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Best Ever Tweet:

“If you try to go alone, you can go fast. But if you go together, you can go far. Go together and create a team. Don’t try to do it alone.” – Charlie Stevenson

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