Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Ashley was studying to be an accountant. However, 6 months into the job she decided to change her career and took on a property management job. Soon after that, she started investing into duplexes while still managing properties. Last February, she managed 82 residential and 16 commercial units all while having a portfolio of her own.

Now she owns 35 units with 2 other partners. Having an Instagram account helped her grow a community of like-minded investors and introduced her to many opportunities such as hosting a Bigger Pockets podcast show. 

Ashley Kehr Real Estate Background:

  • Full time buy and hold investor
  • 6 years of real estate experience 
  • Portfolio consists of 35 units; 17 properties all buy and hold
  • Based in Buffalo, NY
  • Say hi to her on Instagram @wealthfromrentals
  • Best Ever Book: Your Not Listening

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Best Ever Tweet:

“The best thing about social media for investors is the networking” - Ashley Kehr.

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