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Hemal spent two decades traveling between three continents as he provided management consulting services to several fortune 100 companies. Several years ago he decided to hang up his traveling boots and join the financial world, which led him to real estate. He was both a passive and active investor, and now his portfolio consists of close to 600 apartments. His focus was multifamily syndication, and now he’s expanding to other classes as well. Thanks to his diverse background in business and management, Hemal was able to scale his company into a billion dollar business very quickly.

Hemal Badiani Real Estate Background:

  • Sr. Vice President in the Financial Space
  • 8 Years of real estate investing experience 
  • Portfolio consist of actively sponsoring or managing close to 600 apartments
  • Based in Charlotte, NC 
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: Indestructible 





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Best Ever Tweet:

“A vision for a million-dollar company is different from a vision for a billion-dollar company ” - Hemal Badiani.

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