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Terry is the author of the Wiley publication "The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice." Since 1997, he has been the chairman of Apartment Loan Store and Business Loan Store, two mortgage banking companies specializing in commercial loans in all 50 states. He has worked as a top producer for Lasalle Bank and Lehman Brothers, and he is well-known for his excellent investment consultations and strategies. Terry has been speaking about commercial real estate investing and lending to commercial real estate investor groups and real estate experts worldwide for the past 18 years. In today's episode, Terry will be going into details about the ways to find investors in real estate.


Terry Painter Real Estate Background:

  • President and founder of Apartment and Business Loan Store
  • Owned real estate investments for over 40 years
  • Portfolio consist of 2 rentals and currently seeking multifamily properties
  • Based in Portland, OR
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: "The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice"

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Best Ever Tweet:

"Don't talk about what-ifs. Talk about it from what you've either done in the past or what you plan to do." – Terry Painter

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