Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

In today’s Syndication School episode, Theo Hicks shares 6 Multifamily strategies that will succeed in the future. Greg Willet presented the six investing ideas and tactics to implement in 2021. The advice is mostly based on the reaction to the recession that occurred after the pandemic. The first tactic is to focus on the markets that outperformed the national average from a rental perspective. The second tactic, don’t bank on a flight to quality. The third tactic is to explore a low capital value add strategy. The fourth tactic is to test out new operational strategies to determine what works today because what works now most likely did not work before. The fifth tactic: focus on renewals to obtain high-quality residents. The last tactic is to make sure you’re focusing your assets of branding and marketing on lifestyle-related factors such as customer service, appearance, ease of living at the property, location, and less on the actual pricing factors.

Listen to this episode to know more about these six strategies.

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