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Kris is the Founder and CEO of ArdorSEO, an Award-Winning Digital Growth Agency that directs traffic to your website. Enamored by his ego with his early success in the tech industry, Kris got a wake-up call when the global financial crisis happened—he lost his job, went back to Australia, and assessed what else he wanted to do in his life. As a business expert and tech enthusiast, he had always been interested in the framework that builds the massive global network called the internet, and today, Kris breaks down the discovery he found on unlocking the secrets of website traffic—that changed his life forever.


Kris Reid Real Estate Background: 

  • Founder of Ardor SEO
  • Business Growth Expert
  • Developed a simple system to direct traffic to your website
  • Based in Brisbane, Australia
  • Summit coming soon:  
  • Say hi to him at:  

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Google looks at the whole internet as a big internal web; they can’t trust what you are saying at face value. They have to look at what everyone else is saying and how your content reflects that.” – Kris Reid

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