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Lars left a cushy corporate job to do real estate. One of the requirements of the job was having to travel a lot, and he couldn’t be a good husband and a dad doing that. In 2007, Lars got his real estate license, but he quickly realized that real estate wasn’t what he thought it was. He was hoping for flexibility and more free time with his family. Instead, he was facing the 70-hour workweeks again.

Since marketing and lead generation was his favorite part of the job, he started looking for ways to restructure his business to fit his interests and life goals.


Lars Hedenborg Real Estate Background:

  • Founder of Real Estate B-School; providing training and coaching to top producing agents and team leaders.
  • He went from working 70 hrs a week to one day a week through his trial-and-error development of a system driven-business
  • 13.5 years of real estate experience
  • Lars has helped facilitate 4,000+ home purchases since 2007
  • Based in Charlotte, NC
  • Say hi to him at: 




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Best Ever Tweet:

“Just cause you could hand-write an envelope and stick a stamp on something, doesn’t mean that it’s the best use of your time” - Lars Hedenborg.

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