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Coming from a family of medical professionals, Dr. Bender studied to be a dentist. Originally located in Baghdad, Iraq, his family had to move to Dubai, and that’s where he got introduced to the world of real estate.

After the 2008 market crash, Dr. Bender had to go back to dentistry to support his family. They moved to Canada, and then to Boston. In 2019, Dr. Bender got back into real estate by purchasing a 45-unit multifamily house in North Carolina. He’s now in the process of acquiring a 200-unit together with two other investors.


Dr. Bender  Real Estate Background:

  • CEO of American Dental Group with 5 dental offices, real es
  • tate investor, e-commerce, and day trading
  • 3 years investing in Abu Dhabi and 2 years in the USA Portfolio consisting of 45 units, in process of selling to buy a 200 unit asset before the end of 2020
  • Based in Boston, MA
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  • Best Ever Book: Best Ever Syndication book




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Best Ever Tweet:

“Even if you do not have the money, you probably have friends who believe in you” - Dr. Bender.

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