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Matt is the principal at New Scotland capital. He has spent six years in real estate investments in commercial mortgages with over $2 billion in transactions. Matt was working for one of the leaders in investment management solutions for real estate back offices and syndicators. In 2019 and 2020, he spent most of his time launching his business, getting settled in his new market of Albany, New York, meeting people, and forming partnerships. Primarily, his business is multi-family investor. They have recently branched out into some other asset types but the bread and butter are multi-family syndications and joint ventures in the capital region of New York. Matt will be going into details about where he is right now at his business and getting started in finding and developing partnerships.

Matt Whitermore Real Estate Background: 

  • Full-time real estate investor and Principal at New Scotland Capital
  • Spent six years in real estate investments and commercial mortgage brokerage, with an estimated $2+ Billion in closed transactions including acquisitions, debt, and equity placements
  • Previous episode JF1918
  • Based in Philadelphia, PA
  • Say hi to him at

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Best Ever Tweet:

“Just represent yourself as a professional and if you keep that at the forefront of your mind and you treat them as if it's a listing and you just provide that level of service, then, you can't go wrong and it'll probably turn into more business with that seller down the road.” - Matt Whitermore

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