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From a 4 unit to 22 student housing buildings to 250M in construction, Zach Feldman turned his side hustle into full time with specialization on quality student housing. In this episode, Zack speaks on institutional quality student housing that focuses on the health of the student and the unit. These quality housing solutions have bed to bath parity (4 bed, 4 bath) and the highest rent per square foot. It is easy to raise rents and most leases are guaranteed by parents. Listen in to learn more.

Zach Feldman Real Estate Background:

  • VP of development at Aptitude Development, a premier student housing developer 
  • CEO & Founder of ENJOI 77 HOLDINGS, a real estate investment company specializing in student housing & multifamily investments
  • 6 years of real estate investing experience
  • ENJOI 77 Portfolio consist of 22 properties with 200 units owned
  • Aptitude Development: 1,500 beds
  • Based in NYC, New York
  • Say hi to him at:
  • Best Ever Book: The Triumph of the City

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