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In March of 2020, Jeromie and Anne Marie Sheldon closed on a 12 unit deal right as COVID-19 was taking the world by storm. The pandemic caused additional problems on top of the regular challenges that come with any property--rowdy tenants, delays, labor shortages--and yet one and a half years later, the Sheldons’ property is thriving. In this episode, the Sheldons discuss their business model and how they navigated being “COVID Closers.”

Jeromie and Anne Marie Sheldon Real Estate Background

  • Jeromie recently retired as an Air Force Pilot after 24 years of service and is now flying 747 overseas for UPS out of Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Anne Marie is a Licensed Physical Therapist.
  • They are both CREI, LPs in syndications, Active apartment owners.
  • Both actively and passively involved in CREI.
  • Portfolio: Started out with a SFR 2015 full cycle. Currently, Passive LP deals = 2000 + doors, Independent GPs on a 12 unit & 5 unit locally in WNY. 
  • Also own a townhouse- LTR (12 beds for pilots called “crashpads”) in Anchorage, AK.
  • Based in Grand Island, NY (close to Niagara Falls & Buffalo, NY)

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