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Camilla Jeffs was a burnt out, introverted landlord. When she learned about passive investing, it sounded like the perfect elixir to her fatigue. There was just one problem: commercial real estate is a team sport, and as an introvert, the idea of having to talk and network with groups of people was overwhelming. However, Camilla was able to create a strategy to work with and overcome a lot of the anxiety that surrounded the necessity of networking. In this episode, Camilla shares three great tips that introverted investors can use to overcome their anxiety and seek out amazing deals.

Camilla Jeffs Real Estate Background

  • Founder and CEO at Steady Stream Investments, which helps people achieve an elevated level of financial health through investing passively in cash-flowing real estate that impacts local communities, all without the hassles of being a landlord.
  • Portfolio: 107 multifamily units passive, 600+ multifamily units active, 64-bed assisted living new construction, totaling to $80M AUM.
  • Based in: North Dallas, TX
  • Say hi to her at:

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