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Jenny Gou and Steve Louie both started out working in corporate with sales-focused jobs. After seeing the benefits of real estate investing, and the scaling they could have in multifamily, they partnered together and within 10 months, they had found and secured their first two deals as partners, closing on the same day. In this episode, Jenny and Steve share what makes their partnership a success, and the details involved with sourcing and managing these deals.

Jenny Gou and Steve Louie | Real Estate Background

  • Both Managing Partners at Vertical Street Ventures, which was established to help individuals achieve their financial goals through passive investing in real estate.
  • Jenny’s Portfolio: 1,650+ units across AZ, TX, and GA.
  • Steven’s Portfolio: 3,200+ units across AZ, CA, FL, and TX.
  • Based in: Brea, California
  • Say hi to them at:

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