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Denis Shapiro has diversified his portfolio ranging from apartment buildings to self-storage to mobile home parks. Now, Denis has branched out into Affordable Housing, a market that few people decide to invest in. In this episode, Denis shares why Afford Housing can be a lucrative investment, along with five benefits you can gain from this asset type.

  • Fund Manager at SIH Capital Group, which has an income fund and allows their investors to invest in specific deals they are GPs on. The income fund mirrors what one would find in a REIT but more consistent and is not publicly traded.
  • Portfolio: LP on multiple syndications in various asset classes such as apartment buildings, mhps, self storage and atm funds. Also has 10 Residential syndications, including Ashcroft deals
  • Has two upcoming GP deals in the works: a 50 unit Affordable Housing community closing in 01/22; and a 9 unit STR community closing in 02/22.
  • Based in: Freehold, NJ
  • Say hi to him at: |
  • Best Ever Book: The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman

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