Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

What if you could minimize the risks to your investments? In this episode, David McAlvany, CEO of the mobile app Vaulted, shares why diversifying your assets with precious metals can provide stability during market dips, rising interest rates, inflation, and more. 

David McAlvany | Real Estate Background

  • CEO of the McAlvany Financial Group which consists of McAlvany ICA (precious metals advisory firm), McAlvany Wealth Management (an SEC-registered investment advisor), and Vaulted (mobile app for investing in allocated and deliverable physical gold).
  • A key pillar of McAlvany Wealth Management’s strategy is centered around hard assets and global real estate (specialty, niche commercial property with tight supply/ demand characteristics. Also tend to generate portfolio income.)
  • Based in: Durango, CO
  • Say hi to him at: | |

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