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Jeff Dulmage has been a passionate investor for most of his life. He’s been in the game since before online resources were a thing, conducting his research the old-fashioned way — by reading lots of books. Today, he is a full-time commercial broker at Hartsock Realty based in Lima, OH. In this episode, Jeff shares how he balances being both a broker and investor, the numbers on his recent 26-unit apartment deal, and why it’s a great time to be an investor in Lima.

Jeff Dulmage | Real Estate Background

  • Full-time commercial agent/broker/team leader at Hartsock Realty, which helps investors find, evaluate, purchase, and manage their properties. He’s also a syndicator and focuses on small to mid-size multifamily (150 units), along with single-family.
  • Portfolio:
    • GP of 26 units
    • LP of 69+ units
  • Based in: Lima, OH
  • Say hi to him at:
  • Best Ever Book: *The Great Reset* by Glenn Beck

Greatest lesson: The importance of growing a successful team and having a strong culture in your organization.

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