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Former wildlife management conservation biologist Mason Moreland grew up thinking he’d be the next Steve Irwin. As soon as he graduated college, however, he caught the real estate bug and started investing in single-family homes with his father and brother. Today, Mason is able to combine both his passions as GP of $15.75M n vineyards held by Texas Vine Country, where he is a managing partner. In this episode, Mason explains the ins and outs of Texas vineyard development, operation, and investment.

Mason Moreland | Real Estate Background

  • Managing partner at Texas Vine Country (TVC), which raises capital for, develops from the ground up, and operates large mechanized wine-grape vineyards in Texas.
  • Portfolio: GP of $15.75M in vineyards held by TVC solely (~350 acres)
  • $13.5M of additional syndicated vineyard in development currently
  • Based in: Midland, TX
  • Say hi to him at:

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