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Justin Dixon was the head of recruitment for a wealth management firm when he and his wife decided to purchase their first duplex in Pittsburgh, PA, in 2019. When they realized they could scale their real estate business more quickly through syndications, Justin joined the Think Multifamily syndication group in early 2020.

Today, Justin is the co-founder and principal of Great Venture Capital, and the founder and CEO of Hire Tomorrow, a boutique recruitment firm. He is a GP of 400+ units across two states, as well as an LP of more than 1,000 units across five states. In this episode, Justin discusses the debt structure for his latest deal, questions investors have been asking based on the shifting economy, and what he’s been doing to build investor relations as a capital raiser.

Justin Dixon | Real Estate Background

  • Co-founder and principal of Great Venture Capital, a real estate investment firm that focuses on acquisitions of large multifamily properties across the Sun Belt states.
  • Also founder and CEO of Hire Tomorrow, a boutique recruitment firm that helps clients fill their open positions across technology, accounting/finance, marketing, and project management.
  • Portfolio:
    • GP of 400+ units across two states
    • LP of over 1,000 units across five states
  • Based in: Austin, TX
  • Say hi to him at:
  • Best Ever Book: The Science and Technology of Growing Young by Sergey Young

Greatest lesson: The book Rich Dad Poor Dad was eye-opening. It was the information that I needed to take the leap from working a W-2 to entrepreneurship and investing in real estate.

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