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In this episode, Andrew Freed, an experienced commercial real estate investor, shares his journey from a one-bedroom condo owner to managing a diverse portfolio of multifamily properties. He discusses his innovative syndication approach, lessons learned from past investments, and strategies for maximizing returns while mitigating risks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Syndication Strategies: Andrew explains the intricacies of syndicating a diverse portfolio of 12 properties with 65 units. He delves into the importance of negotiating a partial release clause with lenders, which allows for the sale of individual properties and offers greater flexibility in managing debt.
  • Investor-Focused Approach: Andrew's syndication model prioritizes investor returns. He outlines a transparent and straightforward profit-sharing structure, with investors receiving a preferred return and a substantial portion of profits, resulting in higher internal rates of return (IRRs).
  • Continuous Self-Development: Andrew emphasizes the significance of self-discovery and personal development in the entrepreneurial journey. He encourages aspiring commercial real estate investors to focus on becoming the best versions of themselves to achieve their investment goals.


Andrew Freed | Real Estate Background

  • Founder of Freedom Management
  • Portfolio:
    • 95 Units - 65 units in New Bedford MA, 29 units in Worcester, 1 condo in Boston
  • Based in: Worcester, MA
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book: The Wealthy Gardener by John Soforic
  • Greatest Lesson: Have an endless desire for self-development and self-discovery.


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