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In this episode, we delve into the world of cross-border real estate investment with Thomas Lorini, CEO of VentureCo Capital. Thomas shares his experiences and strategies for investing in commercial real estate across the United States and Canada. From diversifying portfolios to vetting partners, his insights are valuable for both seasoned investors and newcomers looking to explore opportunities beyond their borders.

Key Takeaways:

  • Diversification Across Markets: Thomas emphasizes the importance of diversifying investment portfolios across different markets. While many investors focus on hot markets like California, Thomas has found success in the often-overlooked Midwest, where cap rates are more favorable. He highlights how markets like Cleveland and Columbus are experiencing significant appreciation, offering unique opportunities for cash flow and growth.
  • Partnering for Success: To mitigate risks and ensure success, Thomas stresses the significance of vetting operators and partners carefully. Whether it's partnering with experienced operators in specific markets or collaborating with developers, understanding the track record and capabilities of your partners is crucial. This due diligence helps protect both your and your investors' capital.
  • Guidance for Canadian Investors: Thomas offers valuable advice for Canadian investors looking to venture into the U.S. real estate market. He recommends exploring two paths: slow and steady or strategic partnerships with experienced operators. Financing challenges for foreign investors often necessitate careful planning, and Thomas underscores the importance of understanding the differences in regulations, financing options, and tax considerations between the two countries.


Thomas Lorini | Real Estate Background

  • CEO of VentureCo Capital and Real Estate Coach
  • Portfolio:
    • 400+ multifamily units in a variety of markets across US and Canada
  • Based in: Irvine, CA
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Best Ever Book:  The Bible
  • Greatest Lesson: Surround yourself with people that are better and more skilled than you.


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