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Daniel is a real estate agent and investor in Fayetteville, NC. He initially wanted to develop an app for community service members but decided to pivot once he realized the upfront capital was too much for his comfort. He now works with Five Pillars Realty team purchasing properties for investments and he shares some of the processes he learned from Amway and Keller Williams that he uses to grow his investor list.

Daniel Kidd Real Estate Background:

  • Real estate agent and investor 
  • Works with the Five Pillars Realty team purchasing properties for investments
  • Based in Fayetteville, NC
  • Say hi to him at 

Best Ever Tweet:

“Instead of me driving for dollars, I like to find all the wholesalers that are in a given area, reach out to them and offer to help push their listings.” - Daniel Kidd

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Joe started off selling industrial equipment before going into real estate investing. In two short years, he grew his real estate portfolio to eleven units doing very well and now he is dealing with the novel coronavirus. Five of Joe’s eleven units are AirBnB’s, and in this unique epidemic, he is projected to lose a major part of his revenue if the coronavirus continues through the summer. Joe shares how he is preparing to survive this epidemic as a real estate investor. 

Joe Prillaman Real Estate Background:

  • 2 years of real estate investing experience 
  • Currently has 11 units, 5 Airbnb’s, and 6 single-family homes
  • From Carolina Beach, North Carolina
  • Say hi to him at
  • Best Ever Book: Ego is The Enemy






Best Ever Tweet:

“We try to find out what we can reduce right now and any additional revenue streams we can find” - Joe Prillaman

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Jennifer is the Co-Founder and COO of Leafy Legal Services and the Co-Host on Leafy Podcast. She also has experience specializing in scaling business with remote staff. She helped grow a digital marketing company from 3 to 221 people in 21 countries in under 18 months. In this episode, Jennifer shares the best ways to go about finding top talent to work remotely and how you should approach management as a remote manager.

Jennifer Gligoric Real Estate Background:

  • Co-Founder & COO of Leafy Legal Services and co-host on Leafy Podcast
  • 20 years experience in real estate
  • From Galveston, TX
  • Say hi to them at


Best Ever Tweet:

“If your organization is so bad at hiring, that you have people you just can’t trust, then you need to fire those people who are doing the hiring.- Jennifer Gligoric

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Daniel and Jessie are engaged and have been investing in real estate for the past 3 years. They are also the owners of OACP Property Management, together they own 7 units and manage 5 others through OACP. In this episode, we discuss how the coronavirus has impacted their business in short term rentals as this is the majority of their revenue. Daniel and Jessie have decided to cater to the traveling nursing demographic which has been helping them stay afloat during this pandemic.

Daniel Purcell & Jessie Campora (Fian) Real Estate Background:

  • Owners of OACP Property Management
  • 3 years of real estate investing experience 
  • Owns 7 units and manage’s 5 others through OACP
  • From New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Say hi to him at   




Best Ever Tweet:

“Stay flexible, don’t be caught in a fixed mindset. There is something out there that you're able to do to help your situation or others.” - Daniel Purcell & Jessie Campora

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In this episode, Theo will give you a three-step approach to what you should do during a crisis event, and when it passes. The three-step approach will be easy to remember by using the acronym S.O.S, which stands for Safety, Ongoing Communication, and Summary. Theo breaks down each step so you will know in detail so you have a better idea of what you can do during today's pandemic. 

To listen to other Syndication School series about the “How To’s” of apartment syndications and to download your FREE document, visit Thank you for listening and I will talk to you tomorrow. 


Best Ever Tweet:

“Until this goes away you want to make sure your continuously communicating with your investors and with your residents” - Theo Hicks

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Sterling is the President at Crestworth Capital, a new venture into syndication. In 18 months he has built a $1.5 million portfolio consisting of 26 small multi-family units. Sterling shares an example on one of his deals with a duplex where he was able to get creative and develop a win-win-win strategy. 


Sterling Chapman Real Estate Background:

  • President at Crestworth Capital
  • Finance degree from LSU
  • Over the last 18 months, he has built $1.5 million portfolio
  • 26 small multifamily units
  • The host of REI podcast “The Rent Roll Radio Show”
  • Based in Baton Rouge, LA
  • Say hi to him at


Best Ever Tweet:

“I typically try to stay away from buying rentals in flood zones because it does hurt your cash flow.” - Sterling Chapman

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Dr. Adam Gower is the Founder of GowerCrowd and Author of “Leaders of the Crowd” with over 30 years of real estate experience. Dr. Gower explains the importance of understanding debt, and how to utilize digital marketing to grow your presence and also fund future deals.

Dr. Adam Gower Real Estate Background:

  • Founder of GowerCrowd
  • Author of “Leaders of the Crowd.”
  • 30 years of real estate experience
  • Located in Beverly Hills, California




Best Ever Tweet:

“You will have to go through a downturn, period. It will happen. The only guarantee in real estate is prices will go down.” - Dr. Adam Gower

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Isaac is the general manager of Parrot Property Group. He started in real estate in the back half of 2015 when his brother needed help managing a few rentals then slowly he started to go into wholesaling, getting his licenses in real estate, and managing bigger property groups.

Isaac Barrow Real Estate Background:


Best Ever Tweet:

“Maintain your relationship with people and eventually you’ll look up and see you have a great reputation.” - Isaac Barrow

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Cliff Hayden created a system called It is a system he created out of the necessity of reducing the amount of work he was having to do when running his own properties. The system helps with advertising, prescreens leads, phone call follow-ups and schedules showings for your rentals. Cliff also shares how he separates renting his homes from the competition in the area by providing the same quality he would if he was selling the house.

Cliff Hayden Real Estate Background:


Best Ever Tweet:

“Takes you years to build up your reputation and seconds to lose it.” - Cliff Hayden

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Hunter Thompson is a return two time guest from episode JF1545, and JF1220. In this episode, you will learn a ton from Hunter on attracting the right investors, how to establish credibility and fund your future deals. This exact same information has helped him raise more than 30Mil in private capital. He has a book called “Raising Capital for Real Estate” so be sure to check his book out to ensure you can get more info on this topic. 

Hunter Thompson Real Estate Background:


Best Ever Tweet:

“Content creation is one of the most efficient ways to build your brand but also raise capital.” - Hunter Thompson

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