Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Matt Rodak recently launched a crowdfunding real estate website called Fund that Flip. He talks to us about crowdfunding rules and why it’s beginning to take off in a big way. Matt’s real estate background: Founder of Fund that Flip (, a crowdfunding platform for residential flips  Worked with major real estate companies in a […]

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Douglas Dowell has been involved in many areas of real estate but we’re going to focus on his background as a real estate attorney. He gives us incredible insight into joint venture agreements and what to look for prior to creating one. He also talks about raising money for syndicated deals. Douglas’s real estate background: […]

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Peter literally wrote the book on apartment investing (see below) and has learned from some very successful apartment investors. Learn what he has to say and hear some inspiring case studies. Listen to the show to hear his Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever!

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Ford Butler and his team currently manages my portfolio of single family homes in Dallas-Fort Worth and I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with their team. They have single family property management down to a science. Ford’s real estate background: Co-founded Emerald Residential Property Management based in Dallas-Fort Worth  His company manages over […]

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So often we hear from the people putting syndicated deals together but rarely (ever?) do the actual investors in the deals get interviewed. Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear from an investor on WHY he investors in deals and WHAT he looks for? Brandon Evans’s real estate background: Passive investor in multiple multifamily syndicated deals […]

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I always love speaking with Michael Blank as we share a similar philosophy about getting your mind right before you get your money right. Michael’s real estate background: Put together multiple syndicated deals Flipped over 30 homes in 2 years Consults investors on apartment investing, raising money and deal syndication Subscribe on iTunes so you don’t […]

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Want to hear from a billion dollar lender? Thought so. Mic Ginnever’s real estate background: Principal at BlueMark Capital headquartered in Cincinnati, OH Originated over $1,000,000,000 (yes, billion) worth of loans on commercial real estate Been in the lending business over 25 years Subscribe on iTunes so you don’t miss an episode. Listen to the show […]

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