Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

J. Massey has amassed a portfolio of over 300 residential and commercial properties in six years. He has been though some very challenging times both personally and professionally. and shares his story with us. He continually practices honing his psychology and gives practical real estate advice.

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Justin Bajema founded a property management company that now manages over 1,000 units. He's a Marine who received a Purple Heart and is a leading expert on the topic of veterans and entrepreneurship. It was an honor to speak with him for many reasons.

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Ankit Duggal has successfully invested and exited in over $50,000,000 worth of real estate assets since 2008. He focuses on multifamily deals and tax liens in the Northern New Jersey market and discusses with us the importance of maintaining your focus on what you know while evolving how you make the deals happen.

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Bill Pederson is focused on self storage investing. He loves it and shares with you why. However, his Best Advice Ever is applicable to ANY real estate investing transaction. This advice can save you mucho dinero.

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Lisa Phillips buys homes for 30k or less. That's her model and despite all the people who said she was crazy buying at that price point in suspect neighborhoods, she followed her vision and continues to reap the rewards.

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William Robison shares with you his Best Advice Ever and it relates to not only real estate investing but all aspects of business building. Plus, he sneaks in a tip on how to easily determine if a property has hardwood floors underneath the carpet! Let's go!

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The term "risky" can be a bit vague when it comes to investing but not when you speak to an insurance expert. They underwrite based on historical performance of properties and the characteristics the property has. Listen now...

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