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JF305: Why You Should Look at the Numbers LAST When Evaluating A Deal

Today, we have an incredible conversation about acquiring and underwriting deals. Our Best Ever guest today, shares with is TONS of value regarding how to determine a viable market, how you actually need to use a cap rate and why you should look at the numbers LAST when evaluating a deal



Today, we have an incredible conversation


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Aligning myself with the right people can grow my business larger than I could have ever imagined.


Brian Burke’s real estate background:

-          Based in Santa Rosa, California

-          Co-Founder and Managing Director of Praxis Residential

-          Flips 25 to 30 houses a year and is buying a 276 unit property

-          Say hi to him at

-          Focuses on single family and multifamily acquisitions

-          Purchased nearly 700 properties with combined value in excess of $200 million

-          An avid aviator who loves flying airplanes, helicopters, and stunt planes


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