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Now off the court, former Dallas Mavericks President, Frank Zaccanelli, has raised over $235 million in just the last three years for real estate development, and he did it with foreign investors through a program called EBI. Hear what projects he's developing and short-term goals, he definitely knows how to think big!

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Always bet the milk from the cow, because if you bet the cow, there's no more milk.

Frank Zaccanelli Real Estate Background:

- Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Fiamma Partners, LLC; an investment & development firm
- Invested over $235 million in residential and mixed-use real estate opportunities across the United States in the last 3 years
- Former President, General Manager and Managing Partner of the Dallas Mavericks
- He spearheaded the effort to acquire and redevelop 75 acres of environmentally-contaminated land, which now houses Mavericks, Dallas Stars (NHL) and concerts.
- Currently working on revitalizing a historic shopping complex in Dallas
- Based in Dallas, Texas
- Say hi to him at
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