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Rather than have 400 owners and 800 franchises, Ben envisions having 40 owners and 800 franchises. He says that relationships are the key to any business, and the better your relationships are, the better you will do. Crunch fitness has a strong emphasis on building communities with owners, staff, and club members. Hear how Ben has been able to grow Crunch Fitness into the fastest growing gym chain in the country. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“You’ve gotta have people behind the scenes, looking over your shoulder” - Ben Midgley


Ben Midgley Background:

-Founder and CEO of Crunch Fitness Franchise, the fastest growing gym chain in the country

-Crunch has recently reached over 1 million members and has more than 225 open locations

-2010 to started franchise arm of Crunch Fitness, then coming out of bankruptcy.

-Never graduated college, started cleaning machines at Gold’s Gym

-Still works out in his basement, treats his franchisees like family (he knows the names of all their kids) and loves to serve his community

-Began his journey to fitness entrepreneurship when he realized he wanted to get healthy

-Crunch clubs are growing at a 77% compound annual growth rate & member growth 42%

-Say hi to him at



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