Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Although Hendra Tambunan has been in real estate investing for 15 years, he officially made the switch into multifamily 2 years ago for higher income potential. Today, Hendra is talking about how he became a general partner in his first syndication, what value he brought to the table to earn that title, and why he’s looking to diversify his asset classes even further into commercial properties. Bonus: hear Ash’s top tips for anyone entering the commercial market. 


Hendra Tambunan Real Estate Background:

  • Full time Technology CRM Consultant
  • Syndicator, LP and owner in multifamily units and Short Term Rentals 
  • Has ownership interest over 1000 units of multifamily
  • Based in Hayward, CA
  • Say hi to him at:
  • Best Ever Book: The Go Giver

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