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How a PowerPoint Helped Launch 4 Businesses ft. Mehdi Khachani


Mehdi Khachani moved to the United States from Morocco in 1999. He and his wife stumbled into real estate seemingly by accident — after moving into a building with unimpressive property management, they decided that they could do a better job. They presented a PowerPoint to the building owners and were promptly hired as the new property managers. 


Today, Mehdi is the CEO of the JMK Group, which is a vertically integrated company with a brokerage, contracting, property management, and investment team focused on multifamily syndication. In this episode, he discusses the challenges he and his wife encountered when taking on their first property, why he advises against other investors taking property management in-house, and what practices and tools give them an edge over the competition. 


Mehdi Khachani | Real Estate Background

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