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Fred Moskowitz is a fund manager and investor who buys and manages residential mortgage notes. In this episode, Fred tells us about how he buys notes on the secondary market and the profitability of this business strategy and investment vehicle. 

Fred Moskowitz | Real Estate Background

  • Fund manager and investor who buys and manages residential mortgage notes. 
  • Author, speaker, advisor, and trainer on various topics related to entrepreneurship and investing.
  • Portfolio:
    • 450 doors
    • GP in a mortgage note fund
    • LP in multifamily syndications
  • Based in: Philadelphia, PA
  • Say hi to him at: 
  • Greatest Lesson: It can take the same amount of time, effort, and expense to do a small deal as it does to do a much larger deal. Because of that, your ROI will be much better on larger deals.

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