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JF897: GOLD NUGGET Private Lenders from Title Company Referrals and How to Leverage Other's Capital

Private capital is everywhere, but extremely hidden. There's a reason why as well, not everybody can utilize capital in a way that will profit everyone. Our guest certainly can! He shares how REIA groups and title companies have referred him capital partners. He shares about his mobile home parks he owns and the over 1 million vested capital he has locked into his real estate.

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Ask who is doing the big deals and get close to them.

Michael Hicks Real Estate Background:

- Owner M-TAC Properties; a company that purchases and rehabs residential, multi-family, commercial properties
- Purchased his first property at the age of 19
- In last 15 years he bought, built, or rehabbed over 75 units with over half of those occurring in the last year
- Most deals have been obtained using seller financing and non-traditional loans
- Based in Rossville, Georgia
- Say hi to him at
- Best Ever Book: RIchest Man in Babylon

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