Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Our guest is doing many types of deals, but he does them with a partner makes up for his weaknesses. If you have any weaknesses, which I'm sure you do, you need someone there to compensate for your loss and leverage what you can't or shouldn't do, get a partner!

Best Ever Tweet:

Pride, arrogance, and blindness can't stop you in real estate.

Travis Daggett Real Estate Background:

- Owner at CornerstonePropsCo, a Premiere Real Estate Redevelopment & Renovation Company
- Full-time real estate investor for five years
- Made 5 figures on his first wholesale deal..correction: 4’ll hear about it in the interview ;)
- Married 19 years and has three amazing kids
- Based in Eugene, Oregon
- Best Ever Book: Visioneering

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