Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

It's safe to say that this is one of our most motivating and instructional episodes of wholesaling we have had. Our guest was able to net over $1 million in wholesaling last year, and he talks about how it all started. Hear his step-by-step case studies and what he did to grab over $20,000 on his first deal.

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Be okay with the worst case scenario.

Matt Garabedian Real Estate Background:

- Owner of Royal Realty, a full service Real Estate Brokerage, Buyer Representation and a Full Service Property Management Division
- Wholesaler and Flipper and creator of Matt Buys Houses Cash
- Recently started a new brand Phenomenal Investor, that is just rolling out
- In 2016 did just over $1mm in profit
- Based in Fresno, California
- Say hi to him at

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