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Anthony was an employee of the state for 19 years before becoming an investor and entrepreneur. As an employee, for some of the time, he was a property manager for the state of Mississippi. He moved on to create his own business and now he enjoys investing in commercial properties and building homes, and left the W-2 income behind! If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


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“Learn everything you can because that knowledge will become invaluable” - Anthony Griffin


Anthony Griffin Real Estate Background:

  • Founder of Griffin Group, LLC, a commercial property investment firm
  • He is a licensed home builder and has been involved in real estate for over 13 years
  • Focuses on acquiring complexes with 100 or greater units located in U.S.
  • Based in Jackson, MS
  • Say hi to him at
  • Best Ever Book: Multifamily Millions


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