Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Former owner of post-production companies, Joe DiSanto, switched over to real estate investing and is now semi-retired in his 40s. Joe is talking about the pitfalls of renovating a commercial space, why it’s still one of the best investments he’s ever made, and his recommendations for when to choose riskier investments vs. when to play it safe. 


Joe DiSanto  Real Estate Background:

  • Currently work  PT as a fractional CFO for 6 companies and 1 family office
  • Portfolio consists of 11 residential rentals, 2 commercial buildings, and 1 piece of raw land. I have also done 6 major renovations, two of which were complete development/change-of-use projects
  • Based in Florida
  • Say hi to him at:
  • Best Ever Book: The Lost Science of Compound Interest

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