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Ken Naim originally studied to be a pharmacist, but after determining the career wasn’t for him, he quickly pivoted to IT. Before launching his IT career, Ken purchased his first property — a condo for his grandparents. Today, Ken is president of DB Performance, an IT consulting company, and the managing member of his real estate syndication company, Beacon One. In this episode, Ken shares the details about his first commercial property deal, why he invests across asset classes, and what drove him to do his first syndication this year.

Ken Naim | Real Estate Background

  • President of DB Performance and managing member of Beacon One. DB Performance is an IT consulting company; Beacon One is a real estate syndication company.
  • Portfolio: Owner of
    • 37,000 square foot office building
    • 25,000 square foot industrial building syndication
    • 12,000 square foot retail shopping center
  • Based in: Lake Worth, Florida
  • Say hi to him at:
  • Greatest lesson: We all have negative experiences that create mental roadblocks; don’t let them become permanent limiters of your potential.

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