Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF373: How She Bought a Condo UNEMPLOYED!

Cash flow is KING! Our Best Ever guest is creative, which is why she was able to make the cash FLOW from start to finish in a hot market! She shares her Mid-West flips, locally owned acquisitions, and her most exciting project that will transform an old retail building into a unique space you wouldn’t have expected…tune in!



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You can find something in almost every neighborhood that can cash flow if you buy it right.



Micki McNie’s real estate background:



  • Real estate investor who focuses on buy and holds, rehabs, and note buying
  • Started career as a tenant rep for commercial leases then moved to help clients buy and sell residential properties
  • Based out of Denver, Colorado
  • Thirty Three Zen Lane
  • Say hi to her at 





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