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JF388: 102 Virtual Wholesale Deals…In TWO YEARS

A computer programmer, a network of buyers, and one investor mindset managed to close 102 deals in two years! Our Best Ever guest has the handle on multiple markets virtually. You will hear about the mechanics of internet marketing and what it takes to be top ranked on Google. He works with partners across the nation to close deals for a humble spread. He is also the host of a real estate podcast (see below), and is sharing his success stories while absorbing other investor’s windfalls. Tune in!



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As you’re taking action, put the pieces together, don’t get stuck with analysis paralysis.


You should always know your numbers.



Garrett Allen Zander

  • Been in real estate for 7 years and rehabbed over 50 properties from start to finish
  • Recently started wholesaling and does everything he can do to NOT to see a property
  • Host of the Real Estate Strategy Lab podcast
  • Based in Los Angeles, California


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