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JF393: Commercial Crowdfunding Part 4 of 4

We are privileged to hear from our final guest of our four part series dedicated to commercial crowdfunding! Patch of Land’s Co-Founder and CTO, Brian Fritton, is the technology expert of the firm. He has fine-tuned the autonomy and responsiveness of Patch of Land’s site. He shares many state of the art reporting data sources that his team was able to use to mitigate risk in the deal analysis and underwriting period. Brian is passionately building Patch of Land’s system to not only run seamlessly, but to also provide supreme value and accuracy to the real estate investor. This is one episode you cannot pass up!



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Brian Fritton's background:

  • Co-Founder and CTO of Patch of Land
  • Just launched an engineering blog at
  • Previously created enterprise grade API’s
  • Built many ecommerce functionalities for large companies, one being Ghiradelli 



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