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JF384: Forced to LAY OFF His Team, but Now Developing 7 figure Profits

Forced to lay off his real estate team during rougher times, our Best Ever guest and young entrepreneur has seen darker days than most…but it didn’t last! As a young and ambitious business owner, he learned quickly how to rebuild from the ground up and execute most all real estate transaction types. Beginning in the mortgage processing world, experience and many deals have molded him into a now successful investor and host of The Real Dealz Podcast  



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If you’re good with people and good at marketing, you’ll be good at this business.




Tucker Merrihew


  • Host of The Real Dealz Podcast

  • Owner of TTM Development Company which is focused on renovating older homes and building new homes throughout Portland, Oregon

  • Say hi to him at

  • Based in Portland, Oregon

  • Began his career in the Real Estate business back in 2002 as a Top Producing Mortgage loan officer, and then by 2004 he built his own Mortgage Company TTM Finance, LLC & Davis Financial which is still in operation today

  • Play basketball three times a week and was a millimeter away from pursuing a professional career in snowboarding



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