Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever
JF858: How to Verify Mortgage Payments and Score BIG Refunds! #SituationSaturday

Attention landlords, homeowners, and anyone else who has a Mortgage… Check the numbers! Banks consistently trade notes and sometimes adjustable and nonadjustable mortgages are not serviced correctly and you are owed thousands of dollars. Our guest is about to share with you how you can check and get your money if money is owed.

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Don't assume your money is in good hands, always be watching.

Jordan Goodman Real Estate Background:

- Been covering real estate topics for over 35 years as a personal financial journalist
- Worked for MONEY Magazine for 18 years and wrote about all aspects of real estate
- Author of Everyone’s Money Book on Real Estate and Fast Profits in Hard Times
- Host of national radio show, Money Answers Radio
- Say hi to him at
- Based in Westchester, NY
- Listen to his Best Ever Advice here:

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