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Jason bet on himself in 2008 after losing his job at a mortgage company (gee I wonder why) and no other places would hire him unless it was 100% commission. He started his real estate investing company and never looked back. Today we get expert tips on building a buyers list, finding deals, and technical, time-saving ideas. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!


Best Ever Tweet:

“Start going out and finding deals, and get those deals closed” - Jason Lucchesi


Jason Lucchesi Real Estate Background:

-Founded real estate investment company Global Fortune Solutions in 2008

-Has been involved in $250,000,000 of closed transactions

-He's a #1 bestselling author, speaker, mentor and coach to thousands of students across the country.

-Say hi to him at

-Based in Indianapolis, Indiana

-Best Ever Book: The E-Myth



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