Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Returning guest Ryan Groene from episode JF1686 shares a great learning experience around partnering with the wrong group of individuals. Ryan explains how quick partnerships on a single deal or two is significantly different from partnering to grow a business. He shares 5 great questions he plans to ask before deciding to partner with a future individual and how important it is to get to know them at a more personal level. 

Ryan Groene Real Estate Background:

  • Full time Mobile Home Park Owner and Operator
  • Has owned 3 mobile home parks totaling 175 spaces, 
  • Based in Charleston, SC
  • Say hi to him at 
  • Best Ever Book: What it Takes By Stephen Schwarzman

Best Ever Tweet:

“You kinda have to find somebody who matches your lifestyle, and somebody you don't mind spending a lot of time with, whether it's virtual over on the phone, email back and forth, texting back and forth or even in person.” Ryan Groene

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