Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Nigel started investing in 2008 when he bird dogged a mobile home park for a family friend and from that original deal, he was able to cut a nice profit that he then turned into a handful of foreclosed condos. Fast forward, today, Nigel has 160+ units in three states. His main goal is now to buy businesses that have real estate to help him compound his buying power.

Nigel Guisinger Real Estate Background:

  • Full-time investor, and likes to focus on buying businesses that also have the real estate to compound his buying power.
  • He started investing in Real Estate in 2008
  • Portfolio consists of 160+units in 3 states, office condo, 9,000 sq ft of commercial space, 4.2 ac of development land, two appliance stores, laundromat, home building company, and a single-family house
  • Based in Springfield, Missouri
  • Say hi to him on Instagram @nigelguisinger
  • Best Ever Book: Relentless by TIm Glover


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Best Ever Tweet:

“Real estate does not appreciate in value” - Nigel Guisinger

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