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Darren has 17 years of commercial real estate experience, he started his career in brokerage, property management, and construction services. He then developed and acquired commercial real estate properties as a sponsor for syndicated investor groups and after 10 years came up with a concept for crowdstreet and has been building his business ever since. 

Darren Powderly Real Estate Background:

  • Co-founder of CrowdStreet
  • 17 years of commercial real estate experience
  • Darren’s personal experience consists of acquiring/rehabbing a retail building for a 3x equity multiple, a retail strip center for 6x equity multiple, an industrial-zoned land 3x multiple, and a townhome development for 8x equity multiple
  • Based in Bend, OR
  • Say hi to him at



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Best Ever Tweet:

“Today online investing is probably more transparent than if you knew someone in person because of the access we have at your fingertips” - Darren Powderly

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