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Adrian was a police officer when he started investing in real estate. Originally, he wanted to subside his pension and create a stream of passive income. Half a decade later, he had his lending power leveraged to its full extent, and that’s when he started branching out. He started creating joint ventures and partnerships with other like-minded investors.

Now Adrian is a full-time realtor and investor with a portfolio consisting of 2 commercial and 54 residential properties. Thanks to his decade-long real estate experience, he managed to retire early from the police force, and he now focuses on creating joint ventures and attracting new capital.

 Adrian Pannozzo Real Estate Background:

  • Full-time realtor and investor
  • 10 years of real estate experience
  • Portfolio consists of 54 properties totaling 210 units and 2 commercial properties
  • Based in Ontario, Canada
  • Say hi to him at: 




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Best Ever Tweet:

“Think abundance, first and foremost” - Adrian Pannozzo.

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